Lou Engle spoke tonight and really hit it home. I know, I have had some real issues with some of Lou’s comments in the past, but tonight I found myself agreeing with him. I also found myself being convicted of my judging Lou over the Uganda issue, and Holy Spirit clearly telling me I need to ask Lou’s forgiveness. I haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet, but am confident I will in the morning.
Really looking forward to what Holy Spirit wants to do tomorrow.
I am SO long glad I came to this conference.


Kirk spoke this morning on the end times, and my hunger for more understanding has increased.
Decent burger. Yummy eggnog milkshake.
Greatest thing is this: my adapter for my netbook stopped working last night. Tried it in 4 different outlets and it was dead. Ordered one on eBay, but it won’t be here for at least a week. So I prayed. And. God resurrected it! Yes, I could say it was any numbE of things. But I choose to give God the glory! He is good! And He cares about even the little things. He just wants to hear our voice.

Election day 2010

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Well, that fateful Tuesday in November is here and I am a little bit bummed. I am out of state and my absentee ballot has not made it to me. I just went online, and found out Placer County doesn’t offer online voting, and since my ballot must be received by 8pm PT today I won’t be able to vote.
I have always considered it my honor to vote and participate in the process of government, and the basis of my right to complain after. So does this mean I won’t complain? Probably not. I tried. I think that gives me some right, if not full.
Regardless, for the most part, we have it pretty darn good in this country. Oh, yes, there are lots of problems. But we have electricity, running water (hot and cold), reasonably clean streets that are drivable, police, fire and emergency services, and many other things that just don’t exist in other countries.
Today, a little bummed that I couldn’t take part, I am still VERY happy and blessed to be an American.

Northland House of Prayer

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Tonight at NHOP was awesome. Graeme Walsh was funny, as was Sabrina his wife, and good and useful information on how to hear God’s voice, and distinguish it from other voices we hear.
We then had a practical opportunity to use this gift, and I was in a group of 3 with two ladies I didn’t know. I had some strange and rather random seeming impressions (pictures actually) but when I shared them the ladies both said they were encouraging and accurate. Not totally, but hey, I’m new at this.
It was good to get feedback and hear that I was seeing correctly. The hardest part is taking the risk to be wrong. But it was good.
Not sure what the words I received mean, but seeking the Lord on clarity for that.
Overall a really good night. And it was fun!

Milking cancer

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Just saw this on facebook, posted by one of my high school friends. Sounds like nothing short of greed.

The Edge of Hell and the Beast

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Tonight we went to an area in Kansas City where there were four different haunted houses set up, as an outreach. Two of the houses were named “the Edge of Hell” and “The Beast” . I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I have to tell you, I was pretty caught up in the spectacle. There was so much to take in, I had a hard time getting into a witnessing mode. We did talk to a few people, and in a couple of situations, I felt some leading by the Holy Spirit to say some things, but for the most part, it was tough.
There was a lot of resistance, spiritually and in the natural. The security got wind of some of the team, and asked one of the Evangelism Institutes guys to leave the property. Apparently, the people running the houses have rented a few block area to prevent groups from witnessing near the houses. They were also blasting music VERY loudly near the entrances to prevent anyone form having any significant conversations.
As we were leaving, my group spoke to a parking attendant who told us that the actors all got together before the event started and had some kind of “cheer” or something that could be heard throughout the whole area. Couldn’t help think of it as a “prayer meeting” of the worst kind. She also told us that she giggled that Christians were coming out to witness to people because it made the whole thing seem more “real”. We explained that these things are real, and she giggled more. I asked her name, and told her we would be praying for her after we left. She was okay with that. We prayed that God would scare the hell out of her in dreams – literally. I believe He will. We also prayed that He would encounter her with His love and mercy. Again, He will.
This was certainly an experience, and I wish I had the opportunity to do it again because next time I think I would be more prepared and not so absorbed in the spectacle.

My Testimony from January 2009

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Final healing practicum

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Jeff Eggers giving us the final teaching on healing ministry. Encouraging us that even when we don’t see an immediate result, to not give up faith that it will happen. Jesus even prayed for the blind man twice.