Divine appointments

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week I started working in the sound department. I’m still in process of joining staff, and I’m excited and nervous at the same time. My expectation level is high. I know the Lord is going to be doing amazing things.
Just this week He has connected me with two different people who have confirmed what God has called me to do here – outreach to the gay community in Kansas City.
The first one was Sunday night, and in a nutshell, I learned of a group the Lord has been preparing for some time to do outreach with strategies that mesh with those He has given me.
The second one was the following night, when I bumped into someone I had met in a small group. He asked if I was going to stay in Kansas City, and I told him briefly of my plans to go back to California, empty my house and be back here in time for an outreach to the gay pride celebration in early June. He was excited, and asked about what the plan was. I told him my plans are still in the works, but for now my thoughts were to hand out water bottles, and simply be there to love on people. He generously offered to buy the water!
I am so encouraged by these two events! God is showing me that He has been preparing my way for some time, and that He is with me.
I look forward to meeting the people in this group, and working with them and the evangelism department at IHOP-KC to share the love of Christ with those still in the bondage of same-sex attraction.
Please join me in prayer that God would prepare the hearts of them we will encounter, and that the light of truth will penetrate the darkness and tear down the strongholds of lies they have believed.

  1. T D Harrison says:

    Those who wait hopefully for the Lord will not be ashamed. (Isa 49:23)

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