Life and death

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Through a couple of experiences in the past few days, the Lord has been showing me just how powerful our words are, and driving home the truth that the power of life and death are in our tongues. We may never know the impact a kind word may have over someones life. the same goes for not-so-kind words.
I have had 3 such experiences this past weekend, where someone has spoken kind words to me, not knowing how much they meant. One was sharing with me how much they appreciated the words I had spoken over them.
How true it is that we carry the power in us as Christians to resurrect the dead. Both in the natural and in the spiritual.
I am just starting to get this, and I feel there is much more the Lord wants to reveal to me. I will very likely be adding to this post later.


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