Week 10! Oh my!

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today started week 10 of Track II and I am blown away by how fast it has all gone. I feel like I have hardly been here at all, and I am seeing the end of it coming up FAST. I have a bunch of homework to do, FPD is keeping me seriously on my toes, and I’m glad to say, I am feeling my heart shift. I now see Partnership Development as more than simply raising support. I see it as giving others an opportunity to share in the work I’m doing as an intercessor and as minister of the gospel. I still find myself struggling with some of the steps, because part of me still relates it to sales, and I SO hated who I became when I did sales. I’m praying for the Lord to take that away from me completely, and fully establish His perspective in me on building a team. As Paul did and Jesus did, I want to share the work with others, by allowing them to steward God’s money and provide for my support, so I can give myself fully to the tasks He sets before me and calls me to.


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