Week 7 and upcoming evangelism

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Testimony

Wednesday morning we heard from Hal Linhardt, head of the evangelism intensive here at IHOP-KC. Before he spoke, I asked him when IHOP was going to do an outreach to the gay community. He said, “When somebody comes forward and becomes the spark plug for it” . I introduced myself and said, “I’m Tad Harrison, and I’m a spark plug”. He gave me his card and told me to email him with my information and we would get the ball rolling.
Thursday morning Laurie Ditto and Rodney Thompson, also from the evangelism department, came and spoke to us. Rodney, who leads the treasure hunting outreach on Saturday afternoons, made some mention of witnessing to someone in the gay lifestyle, and so afterward, I went up to him and said I wanted to get involved with an outreach to the gay community. He said he had heard something about that, and I told him I had talked to Hal the day before. Anyway, he said he would be glad to do that, and we talked a bit about logistics of it, and he then said he would see about taking one of the Saturday afternoon outreaches out there.
I am so excited! God has given me a burden, and I can see it coming! Hopefully within a week or two, I will be part of an outreach to the gay community right here in Kansas City.
I feel a ministry coming on!
Please pray with me that God would prepare hearts, and we would be able to minister His love effectively without judgment.


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