The Springfield trip – summary

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, Lou Engle spoke again this morning, and it was ok. Not as spot on for me this morning as last night was, but I’m glad I came. I got a chance to speak to Lou and ask his forgiveness for judging him over the whole Uganda thing. He graciously accepted my apology, and forgave me, and admitted to making mistakes through the whole process. I appreciate the man’s heart. He admits he isn’t perfect, but who is except Jesus? I’m feeling a weight lifted from my heart over the whole thing.
Wouldn’t be surprised if that was God’s purpose in me going. Just to have me humble myself, and repent of my own attitude. I Love that He is most concerned about my heart. It really is HIS place to deal with others on their mistakes, and not mine. Why is it I keep forgetting that?
Home now, and ready to get some sleep in my KC bed. Wish I was tired so I could. Road trips make you tired, but wire you at the same time. Maybe a little while at the FCF service will bring me down.
Looking forward to going to the Vineyard in Overland Park tomorrow.


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