Election day 2010

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, that fateful Tuesday in November is here and I am a little bit bummed. I am out of state and my absentee ballot has not made it to me. I just went online, and found out Placer County doesn’t offer online voting, and since my ballot must be received by 8pm PT today I won’t be able to vote.
I have always considered it my honor to vote and participate in the process of government, and the basis of my right to complain after. So does this mean I won’t complain? Probably not. I tried. I think that gives me some right, if not full.
Regardless, for the most part, we have it pretty darn good in this country. Oh, yes, there are lots of problems. But we have electricity, running water (hot and cold), reasonably clean streets that are drivable, police, fire and emergency services, and many other things that just don’t exist in other countries.
Today, a little bummed that I couldn’t take part, I am still VERY happy and blessed to be an American.


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