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Life and death

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Through a couple of experiences in the past few days, the Lord has been showing me just how powerful our words are, and driving home the truth that the power of life and death are in our tongues. We may never know the impact a kind word may have over someones life. the same goes for not-so-kind words.
I have had 3 such experiences this past weekend, where someone has spoken kind words to me, not knowing how much they meant. One was sharing with me how much they appreciated the words I had spoken over them.
How true it is that we carry the power in us as Christians to resurrect the dead. Both in the natural and in the spiritual.
I am just starting to get this, and I feel there is much more the Lord wants to reveal to me. I will very likely be adding to this post later.


Week 10! Oh my!

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today started week 10 of Track II and I am blown away by how fast it has all gone. I feel like I have hardly been here at all, and I am seeing the end of it coming up FAST. I have a bunch of homework to do, FPD is keeping me seriously on my toes, and I’m glad to say, I am feeling my heart shift. I now see Partnership Development as more than simply raising support. I see it as giving others an opportunity to share in the work I’m doing as an intercessor and as minister of the gospel. I still find myself struggling with some of the steps, because part of me still relates it to sales, and I SO hated who I became when I did sales. I’m praying for the Lord to take that away from me completely, and fully establish His perspective in me on building a team. As Paul did and Jesus did, I want to share the work with others, by allowing them to steward God’s money and provide for my support, so I can give myself fully to the tasks He sets before me and calls me to.

Week 7 and upcoming evangelism

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Testimony

Wednesday morning we heard from Hal Linhardt, head of the evangelism intensive here at IHOP-KC. Before he spoke, I asked him when IHOP was going to do an outreach to the gay community. He said, “When somebody comes forward and becomes the spark plug for it” . I introduced myself and said, “I’m Tad Harrison, and I’m a spark plug”. He gave me his card and told me to email him with my information and we would get the ball rolling.
Thursday morning Laurie Ditto and Rodney Thompson, also from the evangelism department, came and spoke to us. Rodney, who leads the treasure hunting outreach on Saturday afternoons, made some mention of witnessing to someone in the gay lifestyle, and so afterward, I went up to him and said I wanted to get involved with an outreach to the gay community. He said he had heard something about that, and I told him I had talked to Hal the day before. Anyway, he said he would be glad to do that, and we talked a bit about logistics of it, and he then said he would see about taking one of the Saturday afternoon outreaches out there.
I am so excited! God has given me a burden, and I can see it coming! Hopefully within a week or two, I will be part of an outreach to the gay community right here in Kansas City.
I feel a ministry coming on!
Please pray with me that God would prepare hearts, and we would be able to minister His love effectively without judgment.

Well, we’re into week number 7 of the internship. Past the halfway mark. It’s hard to believe. It seems at times I’m just getting through it all. The crazy schedule, all the events, homework, etc. But then a situation comes up where I meet someone and the things I AM learning come to mind. It’s in those moments that I realize God is changing me, even when I don’t feel changed moment by moment.
It makes going through it day by day easier.
This journey I’m on isn’t just for me. It’s for the people that God intends to minister to through me.

The Springfield trip – summary

Posted: November 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, Lou Engle spoke again this morning, and it was ok. Not as spot on for me this morning as last night was, but I’m glad I came. I got a chance to speak to Lou and ask his forgiveness for judging him over the whole Uganda thing. He graciously accepted my apology, and forgave me, and admitted to making mistakes through the whole process. I appreciate the man’s heart. He admits he isn’t perfect, but who is except Jesus? I’m feeling a weight lifted from my heart over the whole thing.
Wouldn’t be surprised if that was God’s purpose in me going. Just to have me humble myself, and repent of my own attitude. I Love that He is most concerned about my heart. It really is HIS place to deal with others on their mistakes, and not mine. Why is it I keep forgetting that?
Home now, and ready to get some sleep in my KC bed. Wish I was tired so I could. Road trips make you tired, but wire you at the same time. Maybe a little while at the FCF service will bring me down.
Looking forward to going to the Vineyard in Overland Park tomorrow.

Lou Engle spoke tonight and really hit it home. I know, I have had some real issues with some of Lou’s comments in the past, but tonight I found myself agreeing with him. I also found myself being convicted of my judging Lou over the Uganda issue, and Holy Spirit clearly telling me I need to ask Lou’s forgiveness. I haven’t had the opportunity to do that yet, but am confident I will in the morning.
Really looking forward to what Holy Spirit wants to do tomorrow.
I am SO long glad I came to this conference.

Kirk spoke this morning on the end times, and my hunger for more understanding has increased.
Decent burger. Yummy eggnog milkshake.
Greatest thing is this: my adapter for my netbook stopped working last night. Tried it in 4 different outlets and it was dead. Ordered one on eBay, but it won’t be here for at least a week. So I prayed. And. God resurrected it! Yes, I could say it was any numbE of things. But I choose to give God the glory! He is good! And He cares about even the little things. He just wants to hear our voice.

Election day 2010

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, that fateful Tuesday in November is here and I am a little bit bummed. I am out of state and my absentee ballot has not made it to me. I just went online, and found out Placer County doesn’t offer online voting, and since my ballot must be received by 8pm PT today I won’t be able to vote.
I have always considered it my honor to vote and participate in the process of government, and the basis of my right to complain after. So does this mean I won’t complain? Probably not. I tried. I think that gives me some right, if not full.
Regardless, for the most part, we have it pretty darn good in this country. Oh, yes, there are lots of problems. But we have electricity, running water (hot and cold), reasonably clean streets that are drivable, police, fire and emergency services, and many other things that just don’t exist in other countries.
Today, a little bummed that I couldn’t take part, I am still VERY happy and blessed to be an American.